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5.14.18: Best For Last

Chivito! Chivito! Chivito! “Have you had a chivito yet?” people would ask and then, when we shook our heads, “Oh, you MUST have a chivito! It’s the national dish of Uruguay! You MUST!” Truth be told, we were a bit scared of the thing. A giant grilled beef-ham-bacon-egg-mozzarella-olive-tomato-lettuce-mayonaise sandwich, usually eaten with a huge pile […]

5.10.18: Gettin’ Schooled

Up early today to hop a bus that will take us a couple of hours up the coast to Polo Educativo Technol√≥gico – Arrayanes, a magical school in a forest next to the ocean where 500 students (70 of whom live on campus) engage in filmmaking, environmental studies and boat building. PARADISE! What a pleasure […]

5.9.18: Living Lab

It may seem like we’re living in the lab these days and that is basically true but our 60-minute daily round-trip walk between EAC and Piedras Street gives us a chance to check out/stumble upon some of MDV’s many little delights…    

5.7.18: Amping Up/Wrapping Up

As things amp up in the lab for Blow Up with breakfast meetings, filming, interviews, Super 8 Tri-X Lomo processing, optical printing, 16mm hi-con sound stock bucket processing, gear repair, and 16mm color and black & white projections and all the associated emotions (hope! depression! elation! confusion! resignation! hope!) all happening at the same time, […]

5.5.18: LAB/FAC/EAC

On this happy Saturday, the LAB is rocking with a lady-magick caffenol workshop and Marto y Ana’s Blow Up S8 shoot/process (Ravela!!!!) in between a powerful presentation of feminist film and video work at FAC and a wild style expanded cinema extravaganza at EAC… Film can be ferocious and fun!