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Italia Part 6: From Dirt To Table

Everyone At the Table is the exciting new venture by magnificent duo Julie Marr & Francesco Creanza that celebrates the culture, art and culinary magic of Puglia. For their first workshop, presented in conjunction with Vancouver potter extraordinaire Janaki Larsen, we made plates, pit fires, pasta, paintings, pane, picnics, formaggio, hand-dyed fabrics, and fabulous memories […]

Italia Part 4: Cane, Carne, Cannone

Whether it’s lounging in the sun at Polignano A Mare, sniffing caper berries in Matera, practicing for the upcoming Reggae Tadpole show in Alberobello, enjoying gelato in Altamura (Buona serrata, Magdalena!) watching World Cup and eating cheese at the home of Paolo Sr., getting inspired thanks to morning espresso (liquid ideas!) and constitutionals (“There’s so […]

Italia Part 3: Journeys

Lisa travels to Puglia by train in a few hours, Paolo wends his way with Tipo and tent over the better part of a week. No matter which way you roll, getting there is half the fun.

Italia Part 2: A Night In Bologna

Attic architecture, radical politics, fun fonts, 22 medieval towers, the first aperitivo of the trip, twilight conviviality, outdoor cinema in the piazza, jazz in the park, students singing love songs to life in the streets… Just another summer night in Bologna!  

Italia Part 1: The North

In these chaotic times, it is our families–both the ones we are born into by chance and the ones we seek out and cultivate by choice–that keep us grounded, inspired and hopeful for the future. And so, a trip to the homeland where family is flourishing in so many places and possibilities. A multi-faceted feast […]

5.15.18: So Long, South America!

Six magical weeks. What will we miss the most? The smell of meat grilling on sidewalk parillas? The little doctors roaming the streets alone and in packs? The overworked dog walkers? Mate culture aka “a kiss with a straw”? Late starts? Big pours? The garbage cart horses and silent ambulances of Montevideo?┬áMerienda, the little late […]

5.14.18: Best For Last

Chivito! Chivito! Chivito! “Have you had a chivito yet?” people would ask and then, when we shook our heads, “Oh, you MUST have a chivito! It’s the national dish of Uruguay! You MUST!” Truth be told, we were a bit scared of the thing. A giant grilled beef-ham-bacon-egg-mozzarella-olive-tomato-lettuce-mayonaise sandwich, usually eaten with a huge pile […]