May 20.22: Busted

Every project has its challenges… with The Sound We See, it’s not a case of “if” or even “when” but “WHAT???” because it’s always something new! We realize that one of the cartridges that we thought was shot through yesterday was actually jammed and not advancing at all. [Insert sad face emoji here.] Luckily we checked Denzel’s cartridge today with Paolo’s patented Double Dot Test before filming which revealed ANOTHER faulty cartridge. Huh? Time to check ALL the cartridges! Yes, folks, 6 out the 20 in the carton we brought are duds, with the film either not advancing or tearing as soon as the first few feet roll through the camera. What’s up, Kodak Quality Control??? What’s a group of filmmakers on a super tight time frame to do? Call on the Baltimore Witches for a little extra magic so we can just squeak by with the remaining cartridges. If Denzel’s segment in the park and Lara’s ice-cream and mural amble around Hampden are any indication of what’s to come this weekend, it’s all going to work out just fine.

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