November 15.21: Travellers

This morning, we wake up to the sad news that Muhammad–elder, neighbor, friend, formidable chess player, and beloved member of The Photo Gallery community–passed away in the night. Was it just a couple of weeks ago we were filming a scene in the caravanserai courtyard for The Sound We See? Was it just a few days ago we were celebrating the film’s premiere together? Was it just Saturday afternoon he was telling tales about the flea market, his blue eyes sparkling as he talked? We honor a life lived in all its complexity and find gratitude in walking side by side for a moment along the infinite road of existence.

This is a trip that almost didn’t happen. A global pandemic whirling. Emotions swirling. Health afflictions. Shifting restrictions. Heart and mind in a tug of war…eyes glued to statistics on the internet, searching for assurance where no assurance existed.

Shavkat Boltaev, the great artist and great friend to artists, said simply “Come. We are waiting for you.” And the heart won.

Thank you to Susan Katz and everyone CEC Artslink for providing the opportunity, the funding, and the encouragement that set the stage for this journey. Your generous work makes amazing art possible and builds friendships that last forever.

Thank you to the people of Bukhara who welcomed us as soon as we set foot in this holy city…the crossroads of the world!

Thank you to Nuriddin and Zilola, the wonder twins of compassionate creativity. Thank you to our new cinematic family, anchored in the pure soul of The Photo Gallery, whose eyes are always on uplifting and celebrating community.

Thank you Shavkat, Umida, Hofiz, Behzod, Ruhksora, Baby Behtarin and The Cat With No Name for opening up your beautiful home to us and embracing us as one of your own.

We love you all so much!

Sacred sites and shared stories… the magic of the everyday is everywhere.

Tonight we’re climbing aboard the night train for Tashkent, our cinematic compass set for Istanbul.

But that, dear ones, is another story…

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