…and an art opening with mermaids!

…including a nice bag of fresh mint.

…and a giant monkey in a space suit.


That summer weekend ghost town vibe…

It’s the weekend, our friends Kate and Abby are here from California, and it’s time to hit the road for a mini-getaway to Cēsis for the opening night of their summer arts festival! Cēsis — “one of the few towns you can experience the true spirit of Latvia” according to the someone at the Latvian tourist board — is known for its medieval castle but it’s also situated beside the Gauja River, the only major river in the country that begins and ends in Latvia. Our friend and SWS: Riga participant Jānis Putniņš has curated a beautiful program of river films beginning with tonight’s perfect offering, the 1934 documentary Gauja directed by Kristaps Linde. A walk through the woods and down the hill to the sandy shore, a trip on a makeshift ferry across the calm waters (complete with a rare beaver spotting!), a xylophone concert, a shot of black balsam and finally the charming film projected on floating screen. At midnight, sky glowing deep blue, it’s back to the city and our beds overlooking a deserted town square… We are living a cinematic dream…

A beautiful eco-processing workshop and workshare screening with our kindred spirits at Baltic Analog Lab. Move over, Caffenol! Our Flower Power developer produced some mighty fine images on our secret stash of HiCon film but the superstar special ingredient might have been an ancient beet, found in the depths of one of the participant’s refrigerator! Three cheers for artist run lab spaces and the wonderful people who keep ’em happening!

The reels are spooled up and off to the telecine man for digital transfer. And now, a little bit of rest for the wicked.


Bucket processing 2400 feet of Tri-X Reversal in 2 days without a single disaster has gotta be a new world record!!!

We like it wild style!

The last day of shooting began precisely at midnight when we hopped on our bikes and headed to Uzvaras Park. Krišs Salmanis (artist with a focus on sound) played with a stop motion statue. Miķelis Baštiks (graphic designer) captured the stillness of night. Miķelis Putniņš (composer, musician) ran the rails. Anda Lāce (performance artist) contemplated darkness and light. Katrīna Neiburga (artist working with video) filmed a love letter to Jaunais Rīgas Teātris. Ieva Epnere (multi-media artists) celebrated Riga Cirks.

24 complex shoots in five and a half days. Together we walked the tightrope; tomorrow we fly without a net… Time to process!