August 28.21: Because The Night

It’s time for the big SWS: Treaty 4 (Regina) premiere, screening outdoors in the warehouse district as part of Nuit Blanche Regina, “a transformative after-dark arts festival that affords goers the opportunity to experience art like never before.” It all starts with a rainbow leading right to the venue… friends and family gather as twilight descends… images and sounds emerge along with the evening star… We’re celebrating the power and potential of creativity tonight; a heartfelt thank you to all of the filmmakers for bringing your dreams to the screen!

August 27.21: All Together Now

Day 5 of 5 of Film Camp 2021 already????? Today, as we stitch our individual hours together into a collective vision of this very special time and place, we’re reflecting on how much fun it’s been getting to know each other and creating movie magic together over these past few days… I have a feeling there’s a whole new youth movement brewing at the Filmpool that we’ll be seeing a lot more from in the future!

August 26.21: It’s A Date!

Our cinematic parade complete, it’s post-production time! Guest star Elian Mikkola shares their eco-processing skills with us by whipping up a batch of date-oregano-mallow developer (hands down the best-smelling brew I’ve ever encountered!!!) and we get to work in the darkroom. Singer-songwriter Ava Wild, who’s creating and performing the live score, drops by after lunch to confer with the filmmakers about soundtrack ideas. Fliers for the premiere are in full production. And Ron shows us a new use for the Steenbeck: telecine!!!! SWS: Treaty 4 is really on a roll! (Well, three actually…)

August 25.21: This Day Has 24 Hours

A epic day of filmming with the Film Camp crew: 24-continuous hours of cinematic wonder that included shimby’s community garden sunrise, Gwendolynn’s celebration of coffee and friendship at Brewed Awakening, Dean’s graveyard ramble (Special thanks to 40-year Regina Cemetery employee Alan for all the local history tidbits!), Fonsy’s celluloid tribute to Samwel Uko, Evan’s underground graffiti tour, considerations of colonialism at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, wild rabbits at City Hall, Laura’s 13th Avenue art walk, Megan’s skateshop sojourn, Camryn’s school daze, Linzy’s look at lake + library, Jacob’s homage to the Empire Hotel, Queen City Ex craziness, a mellow midnight at the airport, Amber’s Prairie Sky School meditation, Ron’s kaleidoscopic tour of malls and museums, L&P’s pile of bones buffalo dreams, Zoe’s 4 am moon dance, and Elijah’s hilltop daybreak. A true Treaty 4 tour de force!

***Special shout out to Mister Congeniality, JoJo the Cat, for providing support and encouragement for all the participants from 6 am Wednesday right through to 6 am Thursday (except when he wandered off and got trapped alone after hours in Mosaic Stadium… huge gratitude to the good samaritan who came to the rescue!!!

August 24.21: Mapping It Out

Last night’s huge thunderstorm has given way to clear skies: bring on Day 2 of Film Camp! Inspired by all the visual delights spotted on our morning walk to the Filmpool, we dive right in with some Super 8 selfies, a few fun facts, and Echo Eco ‘zine making, followed by a triple shot of Caffenol, some red-light darkroom magic, high flying’ film dryin’, projection paradise, and of course much mapping out of tomorrow’s epic 24-hour SWS: Treaty 4 production parade through the byways and back alleys of Regina! What better reward for a good day’s work than a tasty treat from Elle’s To Go????

August 23.21: SWS Treaty 4 Begins!

We’re honoured and delighted to be working with an amazing group of young folx as part of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative‘s 16th annual Film Camp! In one short week, everyone will learn how to use a Bolex camera and develop hi-con film stock with natural and local ingredients… the results will be projected outdoors as part of the Nuit Blanche festival: wish us luck! Meanwhile, as the Film Campers get to know each other, JoJo and his temporary roommate Gwen are also sussing each other out… wish them luck too!

August 22.21: Lost & Found

Roadtrip!!! The three-day drive to Regina for SWS #22 is filled with all kinds of tiny adventures: walks in the woods, small town explorations, tree climbing, village campgrounds, pottery pitstops, glorious moonrises and an episode with a lost backpack that had the whole town of Grand Forks, BC joining in on the search… Special thanks to magnificent Morgan at City Hall, dear Lorraine at the copy shop, soulful Melissa at the community kitchen, sweet Berenice and her two grey cats at the funeral parlour, the helpful woman at the bottle recycling plant, the kindly constables, the cool dude at the pawn shop, the magical two-headed fawn on the lawn, the lovely librarian, the Borscht Bowl waitress, the mystical magpie, and Bud Alcock, Private Eye, for all your help in retrieving the bag with all precious items intact… Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude!

Wunderbar Together with the Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019

This August, we welcomed one of our favorite filmmakers and Super 8 eco-processing goddess Dagie Brundert from Berlin for a cinematic summer ramble around California in the LA AIRport. The tour took us to some of the prettiest spots in the state for a series of free public afternoon filming workshops and evening screenings under the stars.

Huge gratitude and hugs to Lauren and the Metabolic Studio Team (Lone Pine); the staff at The Union (Carson City); the fine folks at the Inn Town Campground (Nevada City); Mere & Les and Earl and everybody at the fabulous West End Theatre (Quincy); Adele and Colleen and Mo and the crew at the Larry Spring Museum (Fort Bragg); Melinda, Sylvan, Meredith and everybody at the Community Center (Bolinas); Enid and José and the inspiring young artists at Hijos del Sol Arts (Salinas)… Your hospitality and generosity made this summer adventure magnificent beyond our wildest dreams.

The Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019 was made possible by Wunderbar Together: Germany and the US,  an initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by Goethe Institut and supported by BDI The Voice of Germany Industry. Danke!!!

Funding and support for the LA AIRport provided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Thank you!!!

7.27.19: A New Haven Farewell

We hate to love you and leave you, New Haven, but our adventure here has come to an end. The highlight, of course, was our time spent with your young visionaries whose passionate creativity and dedication to social justice issues assure us you’re in good hands for the future. But we also loved exploring your many secret gems and daily delights: the Obias & Isms show at the Pride Center, a slowly disintegrating Swoon piece, a film fundraiser at the New Haven Company Factory, The Local Honey Project at Pardee Morris House, Helen’s hospitality and heaping bowls of delectable Arethusa Farm Dairy ice-cream, a free 35mm screening of Speed Racer as part of the Treasures From The Yale Film Archive series, at rainy day tacos at Long Wharf and a close encounter with Bread & Puppet Theater, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Yale University Art Gallery with dear friend Jeffrey Yoshimine, the very magical Institute Library (one of a handful of private mechanical libraries left in the world, with it’s own unique cataloguing system!), best burger ever at Louis’ Lunch (don’t even think about asking for ketchup!), a night of weird tango music at Best Video, walking around Lost In New Haven, Ferraro’s wonderful world of CHEAP MEAT with the Ten Commandments laid out nicely right beside the exit, morning mayoral press conferences, daily green bike rambles (love the Farmington Canal heritage trail!), Perkins Rubber Stamp Company, endless pizza options (Pepe’s comes out on top according to our taste buds but shout out to Sally’s for amazing graphics!), fireflies, chatty old ladies and work by Women Artists of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club at the New Haven Museum, Friday afternoon bambolini at Skappo, Saturday morning cannoli at Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop, a perfect day of Madison beach + dogs with Jeffrey and Susan (I’ll cherish the hawk feather always!), and of course our beloved Wooster Square that we passed through every single day on our way to or from somewhere. Of course we’re leaving a little bit of our hearts with you… The Sound We See: A New Haven City Symphony film and exhibition will be on display at Artspace until September 14! All aboard!



7.26.19: It’s About To Get Reel SAP-py!

How can three weeks go by so fast? We learned, we laughed, we explored, we created and today we share the beautiful results of our collective journey with the New Haven community and celebrate art and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Thanks to Helen, Sarah, Shannon, Hannah, Jack and Katie at Artspace, thanks to Mentors Emily, Soledad, Emil and Dyme, and super thanks to the Summer Apprentice Program 2019 Participants Nevaeh, John, Pablo, Nagelly, Stella, Sara, Natalie, Isaías, Jasmin, Tyler, Mabel, Syed, Anthony, Daniel, Sofiya, Alona, Rayona, Yareli, Genesis, Nelly, Evan and Georgii: you inspire us sooooooooooo much! And that’s a wrap for SAP!