4.20.18: Two Days in the Delta

Now that the Sound We See: Buenos Aires is in the capable hands of renowned soundsmiths Omar and Carolina, we’re going up river to explore the wilds of the Paraná Delta past Tigre where the dogs are friendly, the people are mysterious, the cabins range from trashy to fancy, and the mosquitos are a-buzzin’ 24/7, and the night is filled with the sound of rain and strange birds… S.L.O.W…..D.O.W.N……….

4.18.18: Protest Pizza Process

If there are two things Porteños are passionate about, it’s protests and pizza. Every day, all over the city, you’ll find both in endless variations, large and small. Today we weave our way through a plethora of protestors–groups, singles, duets with a variety of causes to be loud and proud about–on our way to the wildly popular one and only Pizzería Güerrín where they’ve been serving up thick cheezy pies since 1932! Thus fortified, we’re ready to roll for the last two rolls… Meli and Maca bring it home and hang it up to dry. Dinner outdoors in the balmy air and time to telecine… Oooh la la, we got a movie folks!



4.16.18: A Priest and The Virgin Walk Into A Darkroom…

Shooting completed; time to process!

Paulo is the first out of the gate and boldly chooses to try mate… Will he be defeated by darkness? Fingers are crossed and a visit to the local priest is scheduled. Eco-processing Super 8 with a brand new brew is like walking the high wire in a windstorm and that’s why we love it so! Charles, Ana and Marto go the caffenol route… How can you go wrong with an instant coffee brand called “The Virgin”? Indeed, our prayers are answered when the film turns out GREAT! Celebratory conga line ensues!!!!!





4.15.18: Asado Sunday

Tonight we celebrate! Beautiful new friendships. A wonderful final day of filming architectural gems for the dead and the living with Ana in Chacarita Cemetery and Barrio Parque Los Andes. A perfect fall evening. The long Argentinian tradition of asado that brings us all together over grilled meats, local wine and lively conversation in a gorgeous San Telmo garden as the sky darkens and our spirits rise. Beyond grateful for all this magic…




4.14.18: Dawn of the Dead

Thanks for the wake up call, Junior! We’re up and out of the house before the crack of dawn to meet up with Marguerita and her paper boys as they sort and deliver the morning news. Neither rain nor sleet nor potential muggers (she carries pepper spray) keep Marguerita from bringing the news to her customers, seven days a week. After some nice strong coffee and a few crunchy, crispy chocolate-covered, dulce de leche-infused churros from our favorite neighborhood bakery and another little nap, we’re up and off to meet the Super 8 Club sweeties for a trip to Tigre where we’re all presenting Super 8 films as part of a community street fair and Retro Fest programmed in part by the warm and charming Victoria. We are in awe of acrobatic cinematic beauty and power in the work of Maca, Ana, Marto and Meli… Bravo, Chic@s!!!!! At 10 pm, The Sound We See kicks in and our filmmakers kick butt knocking out shoots at 10 pm (Macarena doing the cross-town boogie), 11 pm (Ana at the Obelisk), midnight (Marto in Una.Casa), 1, 2 and 3 am (Azucena at the boisterous ping pong bar, the boisterous pizza place and on the boisterous bus), and finally 4 am (Signore Charles doing a Plaza Dorego B-Setting still life). Hang on Pillow, here I come!


4.13.18: Another Trip Around The Sun (And Around The City)

What better way to spend a birthday that running around Buenos Aires, drinking in all the sights and sounds of life on earth? After mourning the replacement of the elegant old destination board with a giant digital monstrosity at Centro Congresso, our souls are soothed with a train trip to sleepy Barracas where art and industry comfortably co-exist (for the moment, anyway) down by the riverside.  In the late afternoon, we meet Mauro for his shoot at Ex ESMA, the former government detention center turned hub for an incredible array of human rights organizations. The ability of the human spirit to transcend and transform the most horrific crimes committed by “the state” is almost unfathomable but you really feel it here and it is hugely humbling. In the evening, it’s on to Recoleta where Macarena films fancy architecture before we convene with some pals for an impromptu outdoor empanada picnic and the late night BIFICI premiere of El rudio son las casas, a film about the Buenos Aires avant-garde noise music scene by Super 8 Club members Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes… Added bonus: sitting next to Argentinian experimental cinema legend and recent EPFC guest Claudio Caldini! End the day with a crowded bus ride to Maca, Gerry and Junior’s for a brief nap before it’s time to go go go again!