Italia Part 4: Cane, Carne, Cannone

Whether it’s lounging in the sun at Polignano A Mare, sniffing caper berries in Matera, practicing for the upcoming Reggae Tadpole show in Alberobello, enjoying gelato in Altamura (Buona serrata, Magdalena!) watching World Cup and eating cheese at the home of Paolo Sr., getting inspired thanks to morning espresso (liquid ideas!) and constitutionals (“There’s so many old men here!”), or just hanging out and painting awhile, it’s always a party when Joff Winterhart comes to town!


Italia Part 1: The North

In these chaotic times, it is our families–both the ones we are born into by chance and the ones we seek out and cultivate by choice–that keep us grounded, inspired and hopeful for the future. And so, a trip to the homeland where family is flourishing in so many places and possibilities. A multi-faceted feast for the eyes, the stomach and the heart…

In the Veneto, there’s midnight rambles and market mornings in Treviso, a quiet hour with the ancestors in the Saletto cemetary, prosecco in Ninetta’s garden at the Favero farmhouse, a boisterous lunch with the Sandro, Mario, Stefania, Yuba and the boys, a visit with Adele’s beautiful chickens, dinner with the Davanzos (thanks for the magnificent artwork, Leo and Gaby!) and a lovely morning coffee with dear Zia Silvana. Thank you all for welcoming us with open arms!