Week 3: Intuition:Eternity

When kindred spirits come together, exciting possibilities begin to percolate and creativity abounds. Three cheers for Gnomecore trailblazers, Stuart Ian Frost, Vague Research Studios, the welcoming women at Saltholmens Kallbadhus (where you dip nude in the cold cold ocean and tell stories in the hot hot sauna), this week’s marvellous map-makers, fearless Fika Friday fibre art explorers, and powerful pinhole adventurers, new feline friend Scarlett, and especially the amazing, inspiring, effervescent and universally beloved Super 8 goddess Dagie Brundert who brought the magic all the way by train from Berlin for our very first Intuition:Eternity workshop and left behind the wonderful workshop photos we share with you here.

This heart is bursting with gratitude…

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