Category: The Sound We See: Montevideo

5.11.18: Beachy Keen

Sometimes unexpected gifts come at the perfect time. Thank you, dear Patricia, for this blissful 24-hours at your magical house beside the sea! Montevideo is known for its beaches but this beach is certainly the most beautiful of them all…          

5.6.18: All Good Things

A fabulous feria; a queso contest judged by discerning senior citizens; a whirlwind trip to the El Cerro for churros, candombe and cine; a little Uruguayan tango; and The Sound We See: LA (on 16mm!) & Hanoi at the fabulous Sala Zitarrosa (muchas gracias, Patricia!!!) with a lively post-screening Q&A. Now… time to telecine into […]

4.28.18: Mix It Up

After an intense morning storm with wild lightning, ear-splitting thunder and torrents of rain, the skies clear and we ramble a new path to the lab where we work with Anton, Sophia, Laura, Silvana and Guillermo to mix chemistry and spool down film in preparation for The Sound We See and Blow Up. Cake and […]

4.27.18: A Tale Of Two Art Schools

The Dodgers or The Yankees. DC or Marvel. The Beatles or The Stones. Alexis or Krystle. Cats or Dogs. We can debate it until the cows come home but rivalries are the spice of life. Today, it’s sheer delight to do back to back presentations (divided by a HUGE thunderstorm!) for multi-media students and faculty […]

4.26.18: Amping Up

We heard Montevideo was “small.” We heard Montevideo was “like living in the ’50s.” We heard Montevideo was “quiet.” If we were anticipating tranquil days spooling out languidly with nothing much to occupy them, we were sorely mistaken! We’re here at the invitation of the fabulous FAC (Fundación de Arte contemporáneo) working with a bunch of […]

4.25.18: Barred

The three-hour bus ride from Colonia to Montevideo goes by in a flash and suddenly we’re in a new city with the wonderful Ángela and Guillermo there to welcome us with smiling faces and bags of delicious food! For the next three weeks our home base will be Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, a former prison […]

4.24.18: Abandoned

Abandoned streets, abandoned shops, abandoned dogs, abandoned cars, abandoned beaches and benches and bullrings. Have you heard the theory posited by scientists and philosophers that human existence as we experience it is really just a computer simulation? Santiago the hotel desk clerk keeps trying to tell us it’s “muy romantico” but Colonia de Sacramento after […]