4.26.18: Amping Up

We heard Montevideo was “small.” We heard Montevideo was “like living in the ’50s.” We heard Montevideo was “quiet.” If we were anticipating tranquil days spooling out languidly with nothing much to occupy them, we were sorely mistaken! We’re here at the invitation of the fabulous FAC (Fundación de Arte contemporáneo) working with a bunch of dynamic local artists, activists and filmmakers making the 17th Sound We See AND participating in BLOW UP, a special project that invites participants to shoot short Super 8 films and blow them up to 16mm on the lab’s optical printer. Add to this about a million art shows, film festivals, performances, presentations, protests, concerts, conversations, discussions, debates, screenings, guest lectures and feminist pizza parties and we are most definitely rocking around the clock!


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