4.28.18: Mix It Up

After an intense morning storm with wild lightning, ear-splitting thunder and torrents of rain, the skies clear and we ramble a new path to the lab where we work with Anton, Sophia, Laura, Silvana and Guillermo to mix chemistry and spool down film in preparation for The Sound We See and Blow Up. Cake and mate reward our efforts! Then it’s time to hightail it home for the SWS Orientation. There’s some pals from the lab, plus art school kids from UCU and La Republica, some new friends of new friends, and even some random folks who just heard about the event somehow and were intrigued enough to check it out. Since shooting for this edition will take place over a 24-hour period on May 1 – May Day! – the planning component is even more complex than usual but it’s both fascinating and inspiring to sit back and watch folks navigate desires and differences in the process of coming together as cohesive cinematic family over the span of  just a couple hours. Now all we have to do is pray for a sunny Tuesday!

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