5.12.18: The Sound We See: A Montevideo City Symphony

What a night!!! Thank you Ángela López Ruiz and Guillermo Zabaleta for believing in this whole crazy idea from the get-go. Thank you Laboritorio de Cine/FAC and the whole FAC team for connecting and promoting and providing an amazing workspace. Thank you EAC for hosting the premiere of SWS: MVD. Thank you Canada Council for the Arts and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts for the generous fiscal support. Thank you Nico y Garza for the incredible soundtrack. Thank you to the audience, full of curiosity and love. And a giant thank you and congratulations to the filmmakers: Gabriela, Agustina, Martín, Valentina, Anibal, Macarena, Julian, Felipe, Manuela, Gimena, Lucía, Agustín, Camilo, Jimena, Agustín, Fabiana, Natalia, Gonzalo, Julieta, Teresa, Marina, Rosina, Tim, Nano, Xenja, Matilde, Sofía, Natalia, Nicolas, Martín, Frank, Javier, Wilson, Clara, Domenica, Gastón, Laura, Mariana, Cristiana, Silvana, Guillermo, Fernando, Ivo, Josefo and Horacio… Thank you all for being part of this unforgettable cinematic pageant!


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