2.3.12: Light and Darkness, Silence and Sound

Snow day! Big fluffy flakes falling from the sky… winter has truly arrived in Rotterdam.

At Blaak10, we host Marit Shalem, Genja Ferschtman and friends for an afternoon screening of work by local experimental filmmakers. If today’s program and the Made In Rotterdam shorts at IFFR are any indication, the scene here is diverse and vibrant… Good to know we have plenty of potential guest lecturers for the Sound We See workshop in March!

Cinema, cooking and collecting all come together in Fragments of Kubelka, a 232-minute portrait of one of the icons of avant-garde film. Yes, that’s two hundred and thirty-two minutes, more than twice the length of all of his films put together! But you do learn how to make a mean schnitzel.


One thought on “2.3.12: Light and Darkness, Silence and Sound

  1. Hi Lisa & Paolo,
    I was reminissing (sp?) with some friends who do bike tours in France about our tour through the Kootenays…Paolo has become a legend for doing that ride on a 3 speed bike without second gear. That was an amazing trip….good riding, good music thanks to you two, & lots of good friends. I’m so glad we did that!
    Love the Blog,

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