2.2.12: Everyone’s A Winner

On Thursdays and Saturdays, we’re lucky enough to have one of Rotterdam’s four farmers’ markets in the public library plaza right around the corner from our flat. Today we pick up moroccan black olives, three kinds of cheese, cherries, potatoes, green onions, bread and a bike lock all for 10 Euro. Heaven!

Now that we have a lock, we can ride the bikes. Our “commute” time to the city center goes from 40 minutes to 15. We almost get nailed by a couple of cars (there aren’t a whole lot stoplights or stop signs which makes knowing who’s got the right of way a bit dicey at times…) but we’ll get our bicycle spidey sense back in a day or so.

At EPFC Blaak 10, it’s party day… Albert, Cola and Daan finish up their 48-hour city symphony and present it at a sweet little public reception attended by friends and folks from Piet Zwart, WORM, and the City of Rotterdam. Cinema, songs, spicy peanuts and a bingo game that lasts until everybody in the audience wins a prize… Thanks to Joel and Leslie for bringing it all together!

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