1.25.12: Day 1…

Our first full day in Rotterdam doesn’t actually begin until noon but we do finally roll out of bed, get ourselves organized, put all our stuff away, and head out into the chilly afternoon. It’s just over 2 km from our flat to the IFFR offices at De Doelen Concert Hall in the center of the city and we spend the half hour walk taking in the neighborhood cafes, moroccan clothing shops, art studios and turkish markets while watching out for speeding bicycles and Chinese New Year dragons. Once there, we pick up our Industry passes for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (arguably the best annual showcase of experimental and documentary cinema in the world… the catalogue is 360 pages!), get our phones activated with the help of a sweet man named Ron at the cell phone store across the street, discover an amazing tea and coffee store and drop by the new WORM headquarters to get a tour from Katelyn and Rosanna who will be helping us with the upcoming community filmmaking workshop. A twilight walk brings us home and we finish the day with a long, sumptuous five-course dinner at our corner restaurant, Van De Boer. Smoked herring, mussels, parsnips, potato soup with dutch cheese… “eetlokaal” indeed!

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  1. Hey guys – any room in your workshop!? Tom and I should take a road trip:) You two ARE my day dreams – I can live vicariously through reports of your adventures.

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