1.26.12: Back in Blaak

Blaak 10 Gallery is turning into the Echo Park Film Center for the run of the film festival and today we help Joel, Leslie, Timo, Andre and Florian with the transformation. Well, really, they do all the work and we move a couple of chairs around. Could people here be friendlier, sweeter or smarter? No, they could not. Afterwards, Florian treats us to the most delicious roti wrap dinner: lamb for me, curried chicken for Paolo and I am so famished and it is all so tasty I completely space on taking a photo. But since this ubiquitous spicy Surinamese take on the classic south asian bread could be considered one of Rotterdam’s official foods, we’ll definitely be revisiting. What could top such a meal? How about a charming Icelandic Super 8/animated movie called Grandma Lo-Fi about a woman who starts recording songs in her kitchen at the age of 70 and seven years later has an output of 600 songs and 57 CDs and THEN gives it all up to make collages, the first show of which sells out in 7 minutes? Keep it rolling, granny…

2 thoughts on “1.26.12: Back in Blaak

  1. This granny film looks AMAZING. And of course, all your stories and photos have been so lovely and sweet to look at already. I just know you guys are going to have such an amazing time and brighten so many days! Love ya!

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