1.24.12: A New Home

For the next four months, we’re living in Rotterdam, facilitating a community filmmaking workshop organized jointly by WORM, Piet Zwart Institute, Creating 010 and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The idea for this amazing collaboration was hatched after we visited Rotterdam last year and participated in a symposium on the international microcinema movement at the invitation of Florian Cramer. After months of email conversations and proposals and planning, it’s hard to believe we are actually here! Florian meets our Tuesday evening arrival at Schiphol Airport and we are instantly chattering about the local abundance of Regular 8 cameras, the sites of all the soccer stadiums, the new Lomokino vs the old Yashika Samurai, where to find archival images of Rotterdam, and Dishwasher Pete. There’s a lot to catch up on! But first it’s straight to our new digs, which just happen to be a beautiful apartment in the Delfshaven neighborhood, very graciously on loan to us by a local artist. We are immediately drawn to the big wooden table next to a wall of windows overlooking the backyard, already dreaming of early mornings and late evenings spent writing, drawing, singing songs, planning films and drinking tea… Pinch me…

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  1. Nothing I love more than a friends travel blog! Have a great time guys and I’ll be watching your every move from here! Enjoy!

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