1.27.12: Festival Fever

Movies! Movies! Movies! After a few last minute additions to the EPFC gallery show at Blaak 10, it’s a hop skip and a jump across the Erasmusbrug (aka “The Swan”) to LantearenVenster for an entire day of experimental cinema. Our old friends Robert Schaller, Esther Urius, Matt McCormick, Vasily Bourikas, and Marcy Saude are here, our new friends Ben Russell, Richard Tuohy, Miss Diana and Lichun Tseng are here and the fine work of many more Film Center friends is up on screen for all to see… it’s feeling like a small and cozy world. Highlight of the day goes to Peter von Bagh’s Helsinki Forever, a kind of “Helsinki Plays Itself” comprised entirely of existing archival and narrative film footage from the Finnish capital’s cinematic history. The black and white opening shot of a crowd milling around a moving icebreaker is thrilling!

After we reach film saturation point for the day, we hop the speediest water taxi ever to the other side of the river and stroll over to PrintRoom for their annual show of artist-created flip books. The work is incredibly inspiring, much like PrintRoom’s proprietors Ewoud and  Karin, who tells us about the time in 2003 when she visited 33-1/3 books, right next door to the Echo Park Film Center. Like I said, small world…

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  1. Hi Lisa & Paolo,
    I’m enjoying your posts & the photos. Life is good in Mexico; learning to play Bridge at a better level and have a tennis game (my first) lined up for tomorrow.
    Keep up the good work.

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