Tag: The Sound We See: Saint Petersburg

12.22.18: St. Dogville

Today’s excursion adventure takes us to the far side of Vasilievsky Island, to the Sevkabel Port  a new “urban renewal” project where hipsters meet to ice skate, buy artisanal sausage while Bruce Springsteen’s  version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” wafts around in the background and, for two days this weekend, check out the […]

12.19.18: I Promise You Orchards

Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Echo Park Film Center’s community media arts practice with Susan Katz’s terrific graduate students at Smolny College, created in 1994 by Saint Petersburg State University in conjunction with Bard College as the first Liberal Arts College in the city. Go forth and curate, young women! […]

12.18.18: Thanks For The Emotions

“It’s like the first time having sex…but better!” Hearing a comment like that when you’re sitting in a pitch black room with five new friends who are hand-developing their very first roll of Super 8 is the moment you know you’ve done your job right! And when someone else says “Thanks for the emotions!” after […]

12.15.18: 2 + 2

We slept all day and now it’s time to film! Did you know that Saint Petersburg is actually built on a series of islands, connected by 342 bridges? They don’t call it The Venice of the North for nothing! Our favorite island is Vasilyevsky. A little bit old timey, a little bit Brooklyn, a little […]

12.14.18: Life Is Theater, Theater Is Life

Saint Petersburg’s first theater was established in 1756 by order of Empress Elizabeth and there are apparently more than 100 theaters and theater companies currently in active operation. You seriously cannot walk a block without seeing a venue (grand or small) advertising some form of theatrical entertainment: opera, ballet, circus, comedic theater, political theater, theater […]