12.19.18: I Promise You Orchards

Today we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Echo Park Film Center’s community media arts practice with Susan Katz’s terrific graduate students at Smolny College, created in 1994 by Saint Petersburg State University in conjunction with Bard College as the first Liberal Arts College in the city. Go forth and curate, young women! Afterwards, we stroll over to New Holland Island (“new” as in manmade in 1719 and “Holland” since its proximity to canals brought Amsterdam to mind) used over the centuries as a site for shipbuilding and lumber storage, a naval prison, warehouses, and now a haven of hip little restaurants (we chose Georgian food…perfect for a slightly snowy day), seasonal play areas and an iceskating rink with blaring American R&B music for everyone and free polar bears for the kids. Top off the afternoon with a trip to the main post office (second only in our list of must-sees in any town to the local library) and some sweet vinyl scores from the спасибо thrift shop and we’re happy as clams.



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