12.15.18: 2 + 2

We slept all day and now it’s time to film!

Did you know that Saint Petersburg is actually built on a series of islands, connected by 342 bridges? They don’t call it The Venice of the North for nothing! Our favorite island is Vasilyevsky. A little bit old timey, a little bit Brooklyn, a little bit fancy, a little bit sad, a little bit touristy and a little bit off the beaten track, Vailyevsky was Peter the Great’s pick for center of the city and it still has a feeling of ghosts and faded grandeur. In an old apartment building facing Line 7 (the local version of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade), Leonid leads us up up up the stairs to the very top floor, to the delightful studio his lovely girlfriend Lina shares with her mentor, the textile artist Elena Shnaider.

We end Saturday and begin Sunday with the easiest film shoot commute yet: an under-construction club right across from our house! Anton (the guy with the film wave tattoo) has invited Liza to play her viola as night life swirls below us on Nevsky Prospect. A little nod to Dziga Vertov and it’s доброй ночи for us!

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