12.16.18: A Long Way To Go and A Short Time To Get There

Sunday morning! Last day of filming! We ping pong around the city by foot, metro, and taxi beginning with a sweet father/daughter shoot with Roman and Sophia at Anna’s charming mosaic studio nestled in the attic of a nondescript building. The splashes of color that make up Frida, Pushkin and the cats are just what we need to lift our spirits in the dark pre-sunrise hours where the only folks who seem to be out and about are men with bashed up faces and big dogs.

We dig the desolation of Lomonosovskaya Station and then head over to a big housing complex where Maria, Ilya, Igor, Polina and another Ilya are jammed into a tiny apartment that serves as the studio of a young artist who–after much debate and cigarette smoking–somehow ends up gamely cavorting for the camera amongst the paintings in his underwear (“It’s a ’90s thing!”).

Another crosstown cab ride to meet up with Pasha, Masha & Rosa (sounds like a Bolshevik punk band!) at Petrogradskaya Station and then on to the formidable Artists Union Building chock full of Soviet era sculpture (lots of Lenins!), trippy paintings, awesome staircases and even a giant mystery hand.

And then… we’re done!!!!!!!! Way to go, Super 8 filmmakers!!!!

It seems fitting to end the day with a dreamy screening of Georges Méliès films with live musical accompaniment, some Crimean tea and a nice piece of cake at our favorite cozy haunt, Книги и кофе. A trip to the moon, indeed…

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