Category: The Sound We See: Buenos Aires

4.22.18: A Killer Premiere

One last afternoon exploring the city and soaking up the Sunday vibe with la gente in Parque Patricios before the big premiere of The Sound We See: A Buenos Aires City Symphony at Una.Casa. Killer the Cat is the master of ceremonies, welcoming filmmakers, musicians, friends and family to an unforgettable night of dual projection […]

4.20.18: Two Days in the Delta

Now that the Sound We See: Buenos Aires is in the capable hands of renowned soundsmiths Omar and Carolina, we’re going up river to explore the wilds of the Paraná Delta past Tigre where the dogs are friendly, the people are mysterious, the cabins range from trashy to fancy, the mosquitos are a-buzzin’ 24/7, and […]

4.18.18: Protest Pizza Process

If there are two things Porteños are passionate about, it’s protests and pizza. Every day, all over the city, you’ll find both in endless variations, large and small. Today we weave our way through a plethora of protestors–groups, singles, duets with a variety of causes to be loud and proud about–on our way to the […]

4.15.18: Asado Sunday

Tonight we celebrate! Beautiful new friendships. A wonderful final day of filming architectural gems for the dead and the living with Ana in Chacarita Cemetery and Barrio Parque Los Andes. A perfect fall evening. The long Argentinian tradition of asado that brings us all together over grilled meats, local wine and lively conversation in a […]

4.14.18: Dawn of the Dead

Thanks for the wake up call, Junior! We’re up and out of the house before the crack of dawn to meet up with Marguerita and her paper boys as they sort and deliver the morning news. Neither rain nor sleet nor potential muggers (she carries pepper spray) keep Marguerita from bringing the news to her […]