4.22.18: A Killer Premiere

One last afternoon exploring the city and soaking up the Sunday vibe with la gente in Parque Patricios before the big premiere of The Sound We See: A Buenos Aires City Symphony at Una.Casa. Killer the Cat is the master of ceremonies, welcoming filmmakers, musicians, friends and family to an unforgettable night of dual projection dancing Super 8 images accompanied by gong and trombone! With true Argentinian dramatic flair, a huge storm erupts just as the credits roll and we celebrate the fine work of Melisa Aller, Marto Alvarez, Macarena Cordiviola, Charles Della Casa, Azucena Losana, Mauro Movia, Paulo Pecora, Ignacio Tamarit, Ana Villanueva, Carolina Rizzi and Omar Grandoso with thunder, lightning and some black cat magic.


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