4.14.18: Dawn of the Dead

Thanks for the wake up call, Junior! We’re up and out of the house before the crack of dawn to meet up with Marguerita and her paper boys as they sort and deliver the morning news. Neither rain nor sleet nor potential muggers (she carries pepper spray) keep Marguerita from bringing the news to her customers, seven days a week. After some nice strong coffee and a few crunchy, crispy chocolate-covered, dulce de leche-infused churros from our favorite neighborhood bakery and another little nap, we’re up and off to meet the Super 8 Club sweeties for a trip to Tigre where we’re all presenting Super 8 films as part of a community street fair and Retro Fest programmed in part by the warm and charming Victoria. We are in awe of acrobatic cinematic beauty and power in the work of Maca, Ana, Marto and Meli… Bravo, Chic@s!!!!! At 10 pm, The Sound We See kicks in and our filmmakers kick butt knocking out shoots at 10 pm (Macarena doing the cross-town boogie), 11 pm (Ana at the Obelisk), midnight (Marto in Una.Casa), 1, 2 and 3 am (Azucena at the boisterous ping pong bar, the boisterous pizza place and on the boisterous bus), and finally 4 am (Signore Charles doing a Plaza Dorego B-Setting still life). Hang on Pillow, here I come!


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