Category: Italy September 2015

9.28.15: Firenze Fiesta

The Medici Chapel, The Bargello, The Loggia, The Uffizi, La Specola, The Duomo and a zillion other churches. Michelangelos (and copies of Michelangelos and possible Michelangelos and what we believe to be falsely attributed Michelangelos and even some Michelangelo graffiti which was my favorite of all) and Donatellos and Bronzinos and Cellinis and Botticellis and Pontormos […]

9.18.15: The Magic of the Masseria

Our time at Masseria La Selva has come to an end… For seven glorious days, two dozen of us lived together in an 18th century farmhouse and roamed the southern Italian countryside in a jovial pack, learning how to make pasta, tomato sauce, bread, wine and cheese (what else do you need???), exploring caves painted with Byzantine frescoes, sampling gelato […]

9.7.15: School of Life

Usually our travels revolve around teaching. This trip is all about learning. Instead of heading back to VanTech with the rest of the kids, our nephew Max is taking his ninth grade year off to explore the world… We’re not sure whether to call it Home Schooling, Unschooling, School of Life, the Grand Tour or just a […]