9.18.15: The Magic of the Masseria

Our time at Masseria La Selva has come to an end… For seven glorious days, two dozen of us lived together in an 18th century farmhouse and roamed the southern Italian countryside in a jovial pack, learning how to make pasta, tomato sauce, bread, wine and cheese (what else do you need???), exploring caves painted with Byzantine frescoes, sampling gelato in ancient hill towns, finding shards of pottery dating back 2500 years, tasting olive oil in groves tended lovingly by generations of proud Puglians, watching the swallows swoop between the trees at dawn and dusk, singing and eating together in happy kitchens and under warm night skies filled with shining stars. Thanks to my amazing sister Julie Marr and her Kitchen Culinaire partner Sarolta Dobi for inviting us all to Cook Eat Learn and Share a most delicious taste of Italy’s sweet life…



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