9.28.15: Firenze Fiesta

The Medici Chapel, The Bargello, The Loggia, The Uffizi, La Specola, The Duomo and a zillion other churches.

Michelangelos (and copies of Michelangelos and possible Michelangelos and what we believe to be falsely attributed Michelangelos and even some Michelangelo graffiti which was my favorite of all) and Donatellos and Bronzinos and Cellinis and Botticellis and Pontormos and one show-offy Jeff Koons.

Paintings and sculptures and frescoes and carvings and some truly creepy wax medical models from the late 18th century.

75 Virgins (and counting).

Renaisance and Gothic and Mannerist and Medieval.

Otrarno and Santo Spirito.

The house where the Mona Lisa lived.

Blue sky and white clouds.


Tiny hands.

Jack Russells.


Selfie sticks.

Sketching and taking turns reading The Catcher In The Rye out loud in the late afternoon.

Fig gelato and Pear/Ricotta gelato and Melon gelato and Peach gelato and Forest Fruits gelato and Stracciatella gelato and Pistacchio gelato and Coffee gelato and Chocolate gelato and Lemon gelato and Pine Nut gelato and Almond gelato and Nocciola gelato and something that tasted like cream cheese icing gelato.

And that was 10 days in Firenze!


5 thoughts on “9.28.15: Firenze Fiesta

  1. It seemed like it would last forever, something magical every day – it seems like it flew by, and now it is a part of us, forever. Love and Thanks to you always.

  2. Amazing, wonderful and inspirational….images and experiences that will resonate in your spirit from now to forever!! So glad you have had these experiences.

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