Week 2: If You Build It, They Will Come

Hello, Snow! The flakes started falling on Monday and continued to enchant us straight through Sunday, with breaks now and then for sunshine and brilliant blue sky. The little deer family left their prints across the pristine drifts around Konstepidemin in the early mornings; on Saturday evening, a big long-eared rabbit hippity hopped right down the length of the little green space in front of our studio. One creature who was not doing much hopping around in the white stuff was JoJo The Katt who preferred to keep his own little snowshoes dry and warm inside!

The week otherwise was all about A-R-T. Planning it, making it, talking about it, looking at it, thinking about it, putting it up and sharing it! There were ideas to hatch, fallen branches to gather, tools to source (thanks for the magic key, Emma!), benches and birdhouses to build, images to assemble, cyanotypes to steam, holes to drill, pins to push and lights to point (hooray for Dorna, Erik, Klara and Emelie!). In between we spent a couple hours with students at the Göteborgs Konstskola (thanks to Director of Studies, Lars Wulcan for the invite!) chatting about some of our favourite female experimental filmmakers including Sweden’s own Gunvor Nelson, made a joyful pilgrimage to our beloved Solrosen vegetarian restaurant, fika’d a most magnificent fika with the incomparable Ulla, took multiple trips to three different thrift stores, checked out the Konstskola open studios, drank many hot beverages with Maria, and lunched with visiting artists from Finland, Mexico and Stockholm.

Late Friday afternoon our little exhibition, A Little Something, opened alongside a giant Konstepidemin Artists + Friends group show plus installations by Tone Linghult and Andrea Coyotzi Borja & Anna Jensen, and woooooeee what an opening it was! Over 600 people stopped by over the course of three hours to check out a mind-blowing array of work and welcome us to the community. And the people kept coming all through Galleri hours on Saturday and Sunday, dropping by to draw, knit, read, meet the Katt, talk, tell stories and make A Little Something with us.

What better way to top off a wild and wonderful week than a cozy Sunday night studio dinner with Linus and Maria… we made the soup and they brought the semla! Life is sweet.

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