August 22.21: Lost & Found

Roadtrip!!! The three-day drive to Regina for SWS #22 is filled with all kinds of tiny adventures: walks in the woods, small town explorations, tree climbing, village campgrounds, pottery pitstops, glorious moonrises and an episode with a lost backpack that had the whole town of Grand Forks, BC joining in on the search… Special thanks to magnificent Morgan at City Hall, dear Lorraine at the copy shop, soulful Melissa at the community kitchen, sweet Berenice and her two grey cats at the funeral parlour, the helpful woman at the bottle recycling plant, the kindly constables, the cool dude at the pawn shop, the magical two-headed fawn on the lawn, the lovely librarian, the Borscht Bowl waitress, the mystical magpie, and Bud Alcock, Private Eye, for all your help in retrieving the bag with all precious items intact… Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude!

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