Wunderbar Together with the Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019

This August, we welcomed one of our favorite filmmakers and Super 8 eco-processing goddess Dagie Brundert from Berlin for a cinematic summer ramble around California in the LA AIRport. The tour took us to some of the prettiest spots in the state for a series of free public afternoon filming workshops and evening screenings under the stars.

Huge gratitude and hugs to Lauren and the Metabolic Studio Team (Lone Pine); the staff at The Union (Carson City); the fine folks at the Inn Town Campground (Nevada City); Mere & Les and Earl and everybody at the fabulous West End Theatre (Quincy); Adele and Colleen and Mo and the crew at the Larry Spring Museum (Fort Bragg); Melinda, Sylvan, Meredith and everybody at the Community Center (Bolinas); Enid and José and the inspiring young artists at Hijos del Sol Arts (Salinas)… Your hospitality and generosity made this summer adventure magnificent beyond our wildest dreams.

The Wabi Sabi Super Fun Cinema Organica Summer Tour 2019 was made possible by Wunderbar Together: Germany and the US,  an initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by Goethe Institut and supported by BDI The Voice of Germany Industry. Danke!!!

Funding and support for the LA AIRport provided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Thank you!!!

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