Category: The Sound We See: Saint Petersburg

12.10.18: Go For The Gold

During these grey winter days, the city’s many shades of yellow and gold catch the eye and bring a little light to the darkness. Follow the golden road to the big gate, traverse the yellow tunnel, and you will find cool cat hangout Coop Garage Pizza & Garden, the setting for SWS Shoot #2 with […]

12.9.18: Eve’s Ribs

SNOW + SOUND WE SEE + SUNDAY¬† = AMAZING DAY Leda is an artist, an activist, a mom, a theater director and a cinema student. She’s also part of a fabulous feminist art collective called Eve’s Rib and today they’re doing a women’s rights action in Ovsyannikovsky Garden. A perfect start to The Sound We […]

12.6.18: Stylish

Here is your Saint Petersburg style report for December 6: balloons caught on wires, pineapples (fresh and candied), bronze stars, bronze men, working gals, welders, weird Santas, anthropomorphic busses, ladies who look like matryoshka dolls, bears, and cats in courtyards are IN. Please plan accordingly. Something that is ALWAYS in style is excitement over analog […]

12.5.18: The Dark Side

Ah, Saint Petersburg! It’s so good to see you again! We were here way back in 2006, playing music and showing films with our friends Pierre de Gaillande and Hilary Downes and then again in 2010 as the end point in an epic Trans-Mongolian train journey with The Metabolic Studio. But both those encounters took […]