12.10.18: Go For The Gold

During these grey winter days, the city’s many shades of yellow and gold catch the eye and bring a little light to the darkness. Follow the golden road to the big gate, traverse the yellow tunnel, and you will find cool cat hangout Coop Garage Pizza & Garden, the setting for SWS Shoot #2 with Polina and Arseniy and Arseny. After Arseny (aka The Actor) splits, we talk about growing up in small towns in the Russian Far East and Siberia (“Film school? They don’t even have McDonald’s out there!”), the drive to be a respected director, Arseniy’s past films and his desire to make better ones in the future, the mysteries of Transcendental Meditation, and Polina’s love for David Lynch and Lars von Trier. Currently I’m saving all my love for a pear-thyme latte served alongside a slice of carrot cake with popcorn on top… Shine on!

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