12.9.18: Eve’s Ribs


Leda is an artist, an activist, a mom, a theater director and a cinema student. She’s also part of a fabulous feminist art collective called Eve’s Rib and today they’re doing a women’s rights action in Ovsyannikovsky Garden. A perfect start to The Sound We See #18!

On the way, we talk about how protests work here: you need a permit from the police who will never issue one for the city center but only for some park on the outskirts which tends to make these actions small, fringe events. Sometimes the lack of progress on feminist issues gets her down but Leda reminds herself “at least we’re still free!”

Sure enough, it’s a relatively modest gathering but the spirit is warm and feisty. There are speeches, songs and amazing signage. The police take pictures of the protesters. The protesters take pictures of the police. Families and old folks passing by show minor curiosity. Leda gives a rousing speech and then has to head back to the theater in time for the 3 pm toddler matinee. All in a day’s work!

It seems like what most locals want to do on a Sunday is SHOP! We pass the old man brass band and cut through one of the city’s many fancy shopping malls: Christmas trees, Starbucks and Swarovski abound! The Kuznechny Market is more our style… we opt for some Taiga forest honey (divine!) and smoked string cheese, which brings back fond memories of summer days in Legedzine with Naomi. Outside there are ladies selling everything from cranberries to dried flowers on the sidewalk but we’re late for a special sold out screening of Samsara at the Avrora Theater so the browsing and bartering will have to wait…




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