4.29.18: Oh Yes It’s Ñoqui Night

The 29th of the month is Dia del Ñoquis in Uruguay, the day everybody eats a big pile of gnocchi with some money tucked beneath the plate to insure a prosperous month to come. But before we eat, there’s much to do.

First, check out the Feria de Tristan Narvaja, a weekly event (since 1909!)  in our neighborhood that is still GIGANTICO despite the rain and holds a few sweet retro treats (we score some old slides and a tiny tin box full of victrola needles) alongside the piles of fresh produce and cheese.

Then, go to the lab to finalize the schedule for the zany array of events coming up, process some Super 8 as negativo and positivo, hang out with the Ping Pong crew and some very excited pinhole photographers from Hong Kong (it’s also Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, apparently!), experiment with the optical printer and project the results.

By the time we get home to our residencia, it’s late and we are famished. Gnocchi never tasted so good!!!! Thank you, Ángela, for gifting us this beautiful meal. No need to slip a peso under the plate… with friends like this, we’re rich already!


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