4.10.18: On The Edge

Filming for The Sound We See: Buenos Aires officially gets underway as Charles takes us on a 10-mile morning trek from the high rises of Puerto Madero to the tranquility of the Constanera Sur Ecological Reserve and back again. In the afternoon, we head to a whole other kind of hinterland… Just outside Buenos Aires city and just inside the province of Buenos Aires, Nacho introduces us to a strange land known as Munro (pronounced Moon-Row) that is far more LA than BA: palm trees, trashy clothes, a fake statue of liberty, handprints in cement, and even the ghost of a famous film studio called LUMITON! The building where the stars of the golden age of Argentine cinema (including diva Olga Zubarry) used to hang out between takes is now the Lumiton Museo del Cine, staffed by the most energetic team of talented whippersnappers you’ve ever met. What a delight to present an evening of our short films as well as The Sound We See: Los Angeles and Hanoi on 16mm film to a stellar audience of analog enthusiasts! Super special shout out to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Foundation For Contemporary Arts for your generous support in making our trip to Lumiton and Buenos Aires (city and province) possible!

Filed under: The Sound We See: Buenos Aires


Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr travel the world, sharing movies and music with the masses. At home in Los Angeles, they facilitate community screenings and workshops at the Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit media arts organization.

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