4.11.18: La Lucha Continua

Early morning meet up with Melisa and bus it to her favorite cafe in the Barracas neighborhood as the city slowly wakes up. Cafe con leche y medialunas? Don’t mind if I do! Riding high on sugar and caffeine, we take another bus to the wild streets of Pompeya and finally a train to the former Avellaneda Station, now known as Darío Santillán y Maximiliano Kosteki Station in tribute to two young activists gunned down by police at this spot during a 2002 protest in the wake of Argentina’s 2001 economic crisis. The manifestación theme continues with Paulo’s early evening shoot at a protest in front of the Cine Gaumont on the opening night of the 20th edition of BAFICI. Viva the cinematic revolution!!!!! On the way home we pass a shadowy Evita tribute on the side of the Ministry of Social Developent building that the current government apparently refuses to light at night as a (not so) subtle FU to the Peronistas. Power to the People!

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