4.6.18: Laundry, Lit & and Lunch

It’s pouring rain so we’re sticking to our own neighborhood today, taking care of business and making some new friends. First up: the lovely laundromat on Calle Estados Unidos where they play calming traditional Chinese music and have an old school steam iron that plugs into the ceiling. Next: Walrus Books where the Ditty Bops are on the stereo, there’s a pile of old Penguins, and a tiny staircase in the corner leads to a tiny attic room filled with kooky books at bargain prices. Last: almuerzo! A mega-tasty choripan (chorizo in a bun) slathered with some pretty kick ass chimichurri, both green and a surprisingly zippy red (not much spicy stuff going on in the B.A. cuisine we’ve enjoyed so far.). Also, a gigantic glass of red wine poured by Paolo’s new best abuelito buddy. Gracias, Freddy!!!!


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