4.5.18: Meat Me In Palermo

A hot humid day in which we take the Subte (with a cute dog spotting on the way to Constitución station) to Plaza Italia, explore the Palermo neighborhood, lunch on grilled morcilla, mollejas and lengua (aka blood sausage, sweetbreads and tongue…oof!), step in a giant tower of dog poo (it’s everywhere!), hang out in the Jardín Botánico, soak up the weirdness of the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, get denied entry to the Biblioteca Nacional (but we still checked out the architecture, Patxi!), cruise through Once and Monserrat, stumble on the Basque street (you should get a load of these sidewalks, ba-dum-BUM!), and still make it home with ample time to savor one last lovely evening in the garden before the rains come.

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