11.15.16: Island Time

Get up at 3:30, meet Katie, take Tram 11 to the end of the line, get on the ferry, meet Larry The World’s Friendliest Postman, film the people commuting to work from the Gothenburg Archipelago, enjoy some fika, watch the day dawn blue, hop off at Brännö and walk the length of the quiet island, back to the mainland, watch kids splash around in a flooded plaza in the rain, process film with Ulla, Hanieh, Emely and Micaela, put art up and watch movies at the Bagariet Gallery at Konstepidemin where we’ll be activating the space in all kinds of fun ways over the next five days, sleep.

3 thoughts on “11.15.16: Island Time

  1. Just back from the capital city. Can/will call/Skype tomorrow afternoon when i return from illustrating for T Stubbs…

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