10.30.16: SWS in the Home of the Dwarfs

Although we’ve been having a blast watching a kooky cornucopia of movies (Paterson, Orange Sunshine, David Lynch: The Art Life, The Trial, 21 x New York, Who’s Crazy, Outtakes From The Life of a Happy Man, Illinois Parables) and we took a couple hours in the morning to wander around the town (known for its hundreds of gnomes, commemorations of the Polish anti-communist movement known as the Orange Alternative which started in Wrocław in the 1980s), our real purpose here is sharing The Sound We See: LA, Old Crow and Tokyo with local film lovers and filmmakers. Festivals like this can be all about the corporate sponsorship, the business deals and the prizes but artistic director  Ula  Sniegowska and her amazing team provided a beautiful opportunity for us to insert community side of cinematic engagement into the mix. The sound and image on all three films were stellar (and what a trip to see the Vuntut Gwitchin language subtitled into Polish!), our translator Jerry was terrific, and the audience (including our “Angel” Ania) was enthusiastic and really excited to talk about analog film in the digital age. I have a feeling we’ll be back again, Wrocław!

3 thoughts on “10.30.16: SWS in the Home of the Dwarfs

  1. Hi Lisa & Paolo…We are loving the pictures & of course the narrative. Glad that you are
    keeping the Echo Park Film Centre front & centre. Have fun & be safe.
    We love you guys!
    Boss & Pa

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