4.3.15: From Barnyard to Darkroom

Rolling right along, 5 am finds us at the local dairy farm while Jenny films the 5 am milking of 160 happy cows (thanks, Martin!), then it’s over to Creech St. Michael for some 8 am chicken frolicking at Angie and Stevie’s followed by a fabulous full-on breakfast with the whole family including dynamic ex-Marine/future model-maker dad Steve, Wonder Twins Imogen and Harry, and Fly, The Most Loyal Dog In The World. Then a tranquil stroll through Ninesprings Park in Yeovil with Linda, followed by tea at Chez Linda & Bob and a peek at Madge The Most Gorgeous VW Camper Van Ever, followed by Linda and Angie and Stevie and Alex and Patrick and Imogen and Dan all convening at the Engine Room for a marathon tea processing session in which ALL the footage turns out great and ALL the images look beautiful! Riding bikes home at midnight under a full moon we say Thank You, Universe!




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