3.20.15: Alpacas & BEEF

An incredibly dynamic day which includes

* moving into our new digs at Joy and Dave’s alpaca B&B in Somerset (Did you know alpacas like to cuddle? Well, they do! They also hum when they’re distressed or when there’s a solar eclipse like there was this morning.)

* the exciting launch of Bristol Experimental Expanded Cinema (aka BEEF) featuring a beautiful “camera-less” film by Vicky Smith, tasty BEEFcake, Man Ray’s first movie, and two tiny bartenders

* a raucous rock and roll show by Los Imbasils at the Stag and Hounds featuring Mr. Joff Winterhart on the drums

* a midnight ride across the moors with the incomparable Pete Winterhart at the wheel and a gigantic Newfoundland named Willow (aka The Beast of the Hackney Marshes) breathing down my neck (photo not available)


IMG_1814   IMG_1817IMG_1841 IMG_1845IMG_2965IMG_2980IMG_2991IMG_2993

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