3.19.15: She’s Crafty

Are you a Craftivist? A melding of craft and activism, “craftivism” was coined by Betsy Greer in 2003 and has since become a bona fide movement (yarn bombing!) with folks like Sarah Corbett spreading the concept through her Craftivist Collective. Sarah says,

“For us, Craftivism is a form of ‘slow activism’, a reflective action which changes the participant as much as it does the world. It is passionate but polite, provocative but patient, drawing people to engage in discussion and debate rather than forcing it down people’s throat. Unlike some of the more traditional, extrovert forms of activism, craftivism is quietly beautiful, it is individual and it is effective.”

Sarah’s in Bristol tonight, facilitating a craftivist workshop in conjuction with The Letterpress Collective. For two hours, a mix of dyed-in-the-wool crafters and enthusiastic new recruits stitch letterpress portraits of inspiring individuals and share stories of how the seemingly smallest actions can make the world a better place. Go, Craftivists, go!

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