3.4.15: Lo and Behold!

Another sunny day and spring is in the air. There are birds singing everywhere. There are kids laughing and eating lunch outside Covent Garden Market. There are little purple crocuses strewn across the lawn in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Everyone is friendly and happy and helpful and curious.  There are things to discover. I am mistaken for a statue in the catacombs of Sir John Soane’s Museum which, if you’ve ever been to Sir John Soane’s Museum, is kind of a compliment. Walking through the Bunhill Fields on the way to somewhere else, we stumble across the “grave” of William Blake. And then there’s a black door marked Lo and Behold and we are here with our dear friend Karel Doing and our new friend Bea Haut and they are making a big pot of soup for the show tonight and there’s plenty of time to learn more about this magical place which is home to both Lo Recordings run by Bea’s husband Gavin O’Shea and Analogue Recurring, a cinema series produced by Bea that celebrates film on film. And then Kate and Hector arrive to work the bar and everyone else arrives and we eat and drink and watch The Sound We See LA and Rotterdam on 16mm (The best way to see them! Thanks for projecting, Karel!) and talk and get excited about making more movies and having more shows. Thank you one and all for the wonderful welcome! The spirit of Echo Park Film Center is dancing in Shoreditch tonight…

Afterwards, a long stroll home across late night London and we’ll end it with a topiary kitten and some words from William Blake because it’s been just that kind of transcendent day.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”




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