1.6.14: Laahe Laahe / Slowly Slowly

All too soon, it’s time to say goodbye to Guwahati. What will we miss the most? The sleeping dogs? The tiny tailor shops? The misty mornings? The little temples? The world’s best pakoras? The tantalizing signs? The blue doors? The 7 Generations Liquor Store? The Chana? The mighty Bramaputra? The “laahe laahe” lifestyle in the midst of all the mayhem? They all pale in comparison to our dear Desire Machine Collective family… Luckily it’s a proven fact that everyone who experiences the heart and soul of Assam is bound to return…

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2 thoughts on “1.6.14: Laahe Laahe / Slowly Slowly

  1. I will miss you and Paolo sir a lot. Please come back soon. It was a beautiful experience working with the two of you. Thank you so much for bringing out a filmmaker from within each one of us. Have a pleasant stay in India. The other parts of the country has a fast culture unlike our ‘laahe-laahe’ culture here in Guwahati!! 🙂

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