1.5.14: The Sound We See

The last couple of days have passed in a complete blur with a wild and woolly mix of all-night editing sessions, last-minute photo shoots, interviews with a parade of journalists, midnight dinners, meetings with musicians, visits from old friends, powerpoint presentations for press conferences, impromptu puppet shows, gifts, debate, discussion and preparation for the big premiere. Sunday evening, 7 pm at Terra Mayaa and the place is packed! The lights dim, the soundtrack starts and mesmerizing images of Guwahati flood the screen… It’s a magical cinematic journey, all the sweeter for having been created collectively in two short weeks by these amazing and inspiring young filmmakers… Congratulations, Adim, Akshay, Barsha, Digvijay, Dorendra, Drishti, Kiran, Luit, Mriganka, Nabo, Omar, Paromita, Priyam, Radhika, Rashmi, Sanjib, Shristi, Simon! Thank you for sharing your city with us… it’s an experience we can’t wait to share with the world!



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