6.11.13: What’s Your Type?

This afternoon, it’s time for the local small fry to get arty with a mini-master class on cyanotypes. The process is simple: plan the design using found objects, lay them out on the magic cloth, expose to the sun for 15 minutes, rinse, and voila: a beautiful image without using a camera. From the absolutely abstract to the complicatedly conceptual, everyone took to the process like ducks to води. A shout out to super students Sasha, Vova, Bogdan, Varsava, David and grown-up participants Agnessa and Sasha… Let those freak flags fly!


5 thoughts on “6.11.13: What’s Your Type?


    Wow…..what a beautiful series of images and words my dear. Give a big kiss to everyone in the village for me! Education is in the air…..Tonight we are doing a workshop at the Gay & Lesbian Youth Center with the Filmmobile. We will channel your love!

  2. Beautiful! hey-how’d you get other colors? It’s funny, I just bought some cyanotype paper like two days ago, just cause! Haven’t done that since High School. I love-love the purples and rusty orange ones! Looks like you guys were using fabric cyanotype? inquiring minds want to know…

    miss ya talk to you soon love cos P.S.  Again, Lisa with the great documentation!  Best to Naomi.


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