5.27.13: Berries and Banyas

Naomi, Libertad and Yura spend all day at the notary’s office in Talne, valiantly battling glacial Ukrainian bureaucracy in hopes of processing the paperwork on Naomi’s new village house, aka “The Hideaway.” I while away the hours watching clouds drift and listening to birds sing; somehow this feels like an extremely productive use of my time.

Upon their paperless return in the evening (back in line at 7 am tomorrow!), we decide the day can be saved by making jam and having a steam bath in the magnificent banya that Naomi and friends constructed out of a former root cellar. (Remember, no running water or indoor plumbing at Echo Luna! Formerly, we had to go all the way to Uman for a bath!) The giant cauldron is pulled out of storage, the fire is stoked in the underground stove and by midnight there are 8 litres of berries bubbling on the stove and three dirty friends steaming clean in the sauna.

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6 thoughts on “5.27.13: Berries and Banyas

  1. i LOVE the blog-writing of one Lisa Marr; elevating the abundant bog-standard-internet-based-self-elaborations to a level on par with the very best ‘zine and travel writing!! Thankyou Lisa, you RULE dude!!

  2. Fantastico! The BLOG IS BACK! It feels strange not be “in the blog” but rather “reading the blog”. However….go my love go. I love it all. I miss and love you so. You are living the dream. Love Paolo

  3. I have waited…and waited…and now, here you are! I wondered where you were going when I saw the instagram of the airport. As you know, I have discovered that any use of time that doesn’t involve clouds and singing birds, is a waste of a day. Enjoy your Paradise!!
    I also agree wholeheartedly with Joff……:)

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