5.26.13: Sunday Bazaar

Sunday is Bazaar Day so off we go to Uman to stock up on essentials and peruse the treasures at the Babushki flea market. The day’s haul includes:

An assortment of soviet-era match boxes

A pink and white homemade cotton housedress

Bicycle wrenches

A scythe with hand-hewn wooden handle

Dried green peas

A spoon with a red bakelite handle

Two cast iron pans

Sweet cheese

Paper clips

Blue plastic buckets with lids

An electric kettle (a gift)

Dog food

Back at home, we celebrate with strawberries picked fresh from the garden served with a dollop of sweet cheese. Yes.

IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7121 IMG_7129

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