12.28.12: Positive Mass

Another full day in Hanoi: stumbling across an early morning Buddhist funeral and the ceremonial burning of huge stacks of fake US 100 dollar bills, pedaling the 13 km West Lake, cruising the badlands of Chuong Duong Do, reading the stories of fierce lady guerrilla fighters and American War heroines at the Women’s Museum, drinking snowy lemon smoothies at Lean and Green, fixing the Eumig to run properly on the local current and voltage with overseas guidance from Guy and Dino in California and Ken in Michigan (You really saved the day, fellas… this is the only working Super 8 projector in all of Vietnam!), getting pummeled in a strangely enjoyable way by two young masseuses in an low-ceilinged attic, and last but not least participating in the jovial “Positive Mass” monthly bike ride organized by The Hanoi Bicycle Collective, a very inspiring bike shop/cinema/cafe run by the sunny spirited Guim and Thuy.

Tomorrow filming officially begins for the Sound We See and we’ll be going going going for 36 straight hours… time to get some rest!!!


2 thoughts on “12.28.12: Positive Mass

  1. The mass bike ride looks like fun!
    There must be more to the story about burning fake US Bills?
    Your photos are really interesting…..keep them coming.
    Dad XX

    1. Dad, when you get home, you can participate in Critical Mass, Vancouver! http://vancouvercm.blogspot.com/
      As far as that fake money goes, I did a little asking around and was told the symbolism is to provide the deceased with things he would need in the afterlife but no one knew why specifically the money would be US dollars as opposed to large denominations of a more local currency… I’ll keep researching!

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