7.16.12: Babushki Make The World Go Round

No visit to Legedzine is complete without some quality time with my favorite Babushki. At Baba Hania’s we laugh and joke, admire the latest tchotchkes, and leave with a gift of homemade blood sausage and sala from the pig that was slaughtered yesterday morning.  At Baba Nadia’s we catch up on all the latest village gossip, look through the family photo album, and leave with a gift of clippings and bulbs from the flower garden. These strong, smart, resilient women get more done in a single day than I do in a month but they’re never too busy to welcome me into their homes with open arms and a pot of tea. True inspirations…

2 thoughts on “7.16.12: Babushki Make The World Go Round

  1. They’re so wonderful! Love the old picture from Baba Nadia’s. They all look so tough, including the baby. One can’t begin to imagine the hardship they must have been through. Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

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