4.23.12: A Visit from Joff (Day 1)

Our friend Joff Winterhart from Bristol, England is here for a visit. Day 1 is supposed to be a tour of Amsterdam but instead we spend five hours at Cafe Thijssen embroiled in a cut-throat Trivia contest hosted by the lovely and talented Miss Sophie. In the end, our team (Peep Peep Papa) comes in fourth out of 20 teams… The winners, at the next table over, allow us to briefly hold (not drink) their prizes of giants bottles of beer while the leader explains the secret of putting together the ultimate 4-person trivia team: “One guy knows about geography, the other guy knows about pop culture, I’m the science guy and we’ve got a girl for…girl questions.”


2 thoughts on “4.23.12: A Visit from Joff (Day 1)

  1. Hey coming 4th out of 20 is pretty good but those giant bottles of beer for the winners looked really special!

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